Shell Unveils Largest Global EV Charging Station in Shenzhen, China

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In a significant move towards sustainable mobility, Shell has inaugurated its largest electric vehicle (EV) charging station globally, strategically positioned in Shenzhen, China.

Situated approximately 2.5 kilometres from the Shenzhen Airport Terminal, the EV charging facility houses an impressive 258 public fast-charging points. Operated by Shenzhen Shell and BYD Electric Vehicle Investment Company Limited—a collaborative venture between Shell and BYD—the station underscores Shell’s commitment to the burgeoning EV market.

The Shell Recharge Shenzhen Airport EV Station has already demonstrated its potential during its trial phase, servicing over 3,300 EVs on a daily basis. Apart from providing efficient EV charging solutions, the station offers an array of amenities to enhance the overall customer experience.

These include Shell Select convenience retailing, Shell Cafe, vending machines, and a dedicated drivers lounge. A rooftop solar panel installation at the station is capable of generating approximately 300,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable electricity annually, further promoting eco-friendly practices by powering customer vehicles.

Istvan Kapitany, Shell’s Global Executive Vice President for Mobility, expressed, “EV drivers are looking for a charging experience that is fast, convenient and comfortable and this is reflected in the utilisation rates of our sites in China, which are two to three times the local industry average. China is one of the most important growth markets for Shell Mobility.”

While the demand for EVs is rapidly escalating, Shell remains steadfast in adapting to diverse energy and mobility requirements. In Wuhan, Shell recently introduced its Panlong Integrated Energy Station, an expansive facility offering a multitude of mobility products and services.

These encompass petrol and diesel, EV charging, hydrogen refuelling, car wash facilities, a convenience store, a restaurant, a drivers lounge, and other conveniences. Additionally, the station presents Shell V-Power Racing, a fuel formulation recently launched in China, designed to deliver 6.25 percent more power and 5.36 percent quicker acceleration compared to 92 octane main grade petrol.

Currently, Shell operates over 40,000 public charge points globally at service stations, mobility hubs, on-street locations, and various destinations like supermarkets. The company aims to scale up its charging infrastructure to approximately 200,000 charge points by 2030, aligning with its commitment to a sustainable energy future.

This initiative is further reinforced by a strategic cooperation agreement signed in March 2022 between Shell and BYD to accelerate the energy transition and enhance charging experiences for EV customers. In China, the joint venture presently oversees more than 13,000 charge points in Shenzhen alone.

Shell maintains an extensive retailing network, boasting around 2,800 mobility locations, including roughly 2,000 fuel stations and approximately 800 standalone EV stations. Additionally, the company has established an EV charging network comprising 25,000 public charge points in operation across China, illustrating its dedication to advancing sustainable and convenient mobility solutions.

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