T3 Motion unveils new consumer electric vehicle product line

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T3 Motion unveils new consumer electric vehicle product line

Greentech Lead Team:
T3 Motion, manufacturer of the T3 Series, an electric
stand up vehicle, announced that it will launch its international consumer
product line at the Big Boys Toys show in Dubai this week.

T3 ESV is an electric law enforcement patrol vehicle known for its command
presence and quick response time. T3 ESV is designed  to
decrease operating costs, reduce crime and increase patrol capabilities.

the UAE, T3 ESVs are popular among police forces and private security firms.
Emaar Properties, the biggest property management company in the UAE, equipped
its private security firm with T3 Electric Stand-up vehicles in order to
monitor the popular shopping center Dubai Mall.

have made great headway with law enforcement in the UAE and the Middle
East, opening the door for a successful launch into the consumer market as a
luxury brand,” said Ki Nam, CEO, T3 Motion.  

T3 Motion was recently contracted
by the Singapore Police Department to provide its electric vehicles for
Singapore’s Changi International Airport. Singapore police will use the 12 T3
Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) to patrol the airport.

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