Tesla EV’s updating self-driving, wireless technologies

Tesla Motors has chosen Orange Business Services to provide wireless connectivity to its fleet of Tesla Model S vehicles in France.

Together they are offering Model S owners of Model S in France a wholly connected car enabled by Orange’s mobile connectivity.

Through the Smart Cities & Territories program launched in 2011, Orange Business supports sustainable transportation.

Due to environmental concerns, electric and connected cars are becoming more accessible and desired means of transport with drivers and passengers opting for access to infotainment and navigation services.

With the help of Orange mobile networks and SIM cards, Tesla is offering their French customers interactive navigation services, Internet radio and web browsing, remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates of M2M software.


An excellent customer experience is paramount, which is possible through the quality of the Orange mobile network and the company’s constant pursuit of innovation, commented, Jerome Guillen, vice president, Worldwide Sales and Service, Tesla.

Tesla is going to announce this week that it will add a series of high-tech features that will help drivers keep their car in the lane.

The company favors a system like an autopilot on jetliners, which takes over functions of the plane during cruising mode, against developing a system that handles all driving functions all the time, closer to the one that Google is testing, said, Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla.

Recently, Honda introduced a system that keeps the vehicle in its lane for the new CR-V, a mass-market crossover. Some luxury cars already have them.

Tesla sells high-priced luxury cars and drivers expect them to come loaded up with high-tech features.

Tesla is anticipating eagerly the Oct. 9 event and the invitation shows a garage door with a giant “D” on it.

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