Toyota introduces new fuel-cell car assembly series

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Toyota has unveiled a new fuel-cell car assembly line named Mirai, aiming an entry into advanced greener vehicle market.

Once launched, this will be the first mass market car running on electricity generated by the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, emitting water as the exhaust.

On an average, the sedan can drive for 300 miles offering the utmost range of any electric vehicle on the market. In addition, the car comes with three years of free gas.

“We are thrilled to think that before everyone else, we are taking a historic step toward the establishment of a hydrogen society in Japan,” said, Akio Toyoda, president, Toyota.



Initially, the firm will roll out only 700 units of the four-door Mirai sedan by the end of December, which will target markets of Japan, Europe and the United States.

The target will expand to 2,000 vehicles by 2016 reaching 3,000 units in 2017.

From next year onwards, Toyota will start selling the Mirai in US at a cost of $45,000. For Japan costumers, the car will be available in market from next month onwards.

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Before the introduction of cars in US market, the company will ensure establishment of refueling infrastructure across the country.

Initially, the company plans to construct and fund 28 new hydrogen refueling stations in California expanding later to the east coast.

Toyota recently allowed free access to its 5,000 fuel-cell related patents for rival automakers with an aim to further develop the hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The cars are being manufactured at Toyota’s Motomachi Plant in Aichi, Central Japan.

Even though, the vehicles guarantee greener emissions, the hydrogen fuel cells come with their own challenges.

As part of promoting fuel cell technology, Japan has lately invested in self-service hydrogen stations.

The country also relaxed fuel-cell regulations, offering around 3 million yen (about $25,200) in incentives to early Mirai buyers.

Hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tucson is already running in California. Honda plans to launch its fuel-cell car in 2016.

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