WatchIt Technologies completes testing for development of fuel reformer

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WatchIt Technologies completes testing for development of fuel reformer

By Greentech Lead Team: WatchIt Technologies has
completed the phase of testing for the development of the diesel version of its
fuel reformer.

To date the vehicle has undergone pre fuel reformer
evaluation in a state approved independent facility. When the fuel reformer is
installed, the same tests will be repeated and the results will be compared.

“The testing process has begun and we look forward to
reporting our results to our shareholder base as we progress towards the fuel
lab testing,” according to the Board of Directors of WTCT.

In preparation for the baseline fuel economy testing that
should be completed by the end of this week, several changes to the vehicle had
to be made. The vehicle has been returned to as close to original equipment as

Once the fuel reformer is installed and all the baseline
tests are repeated, the company can then do a more accurate comparison to the
original EPA specifications.

The first phase was to collect baseline emissions data so
it can be compared with the same tests once the Fuel Reformer is installed.
Testing on the gas version reduced tail pipe emissions by 65 percent.

The company completed some final adjustments to the fuel
reformer design and they are ready to see the fruits of their labor. Once the
baseline fuel economy test is completed this week, all efforts will be focused
on installation. The first hurdle is to determine the running capacity of the
diesel engine with the fuel reformer installed.

In addition to increasing fuel economy, the diesel version
will improve on tail pipe emissions. Many major auto manufacturers are now
adding diesel engines to their new car lineup. Until recently, the US market
objected to the noise of the engine and the black smoke emitted from the
vehicle. The company believes that with this new emphasis on diesels in the US
auto market, that the diesel market both here and abroad will embrace the
diesel Fuel Reformer.

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