Zipcar launches municipal electric vehicle car sharing program at City of Houston

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Zipcar launches municipal electric vehicle car sharing program at City of Houston

Greentech Lead America:   Zipcar, a
leading car sharing network, has forged a deal with City of Houston to
launch a municipal electric vehicle (EV) fleet sharing program.

Dubbed as Houston Fleet Share, the program provides
50 existing city-owned fleet vehicles including 25 Nissan Leaf EVs with
Zipcar’s FastFleet proprietary fleet sharing technology for use by city
employees across all departments. 

The program is funded by State Energy Conservation Office
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (SECO-ARRA) Transportation Program
(SEP), and is designed to help the City of Houston improve
efficiency, promote sustainability and save money.

The City of Houston currently has the third
largest municipal hybrid fleet in the country, with approximately 50 percent of
the City’s nonspecialty, light-duty fleet having been replaced with hybrid
vehicles. Zipcar’s FastFleet car sharing platform and Zipcar’s self-service
online reservation and secure vehicle access system will help the City gain new
efficiencies while improving utilization and reducing costs.

“Houston is setting the pace for sustainability
efforts, and we are very proud to be working with Zipcar to launch the nation’s
first-ever municipal EV green fleet sharing program,” said
Mayor Annise Parker. “Although we’ve always been known as the
oil capital of the world, we’re gaining momentum on being the energy capital
through programs like Houston Fleet Share and the Houston Drives
Electric initiative.”

Zipcar’s technology will improve efficient of fleet usage
more efficient, reducing emissions and cutting back on fleet fuel consumption,
Parker added. It will not only help City of Houston save money but also make a
positive impact on the environment.

“By utilizing Zipcar’s FastFleet technology through
the new Fleet Share program, the City of Houston joins smart city
governments focused on developing solutions to complex transportation
challenges,” said Scott Griffith, Zipcar chairman and CEO.

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