UL Solutions Intros Innovative High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program to Enhance Energy Industry Reliability

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UL Solutions, a prominent name in applied safety science, has unveiled its High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program, aimed at aiding manufacturers, developers, and utility providers in assessing high voltage cable systems for a wide range of applications including engineering, procurement, construction, renewable energy, and utility usage.

UL Solutions stands ready to perform comprehensive testing in compliance with various standards applicable to high voltage alternating current and high voltage direct current cable systems, sourced from recognized organizations such as the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies, the Insulated Cable Engineers Association, the International Electrotechnical Commission, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Council on Large Electric Systems, among others.

This comprehensive approach ensures that UL Solutions’ High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program remains a versatile and indispensable resource for the energy industry, addressing issues of reliability and performance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Key features of UL Solutions’ High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program include:

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT): These tests are conducted prior to transportation, ensuring the quality and reliability of high voltage cable systems before they leave the manufacturing facility.

Field Acceptance Tests (FAT): After transportation and storage, UL Solutions conducts field acceptance tests to evaluate the cable systems’ condition and performance, ensuring their readiness for installation.

Commissioning Tests: These tests take place following the installation of cable systems, confirming that they meet performance standards and operate as intended.

Diagnostic Tests: During the operation of high voltage cable systems, UL Solutions performs diagnostic tests to identify and address potential issues and improve overall system performance.

Forensic Analysis: In the event of cable system aging or failure, UL Solutions conducts forensic analysis to uncover the root causes of issues and determine suitable remedies.

In addition to their High Voltage Cable Field Testing Program, UL Solutions extends their services to encompass medium voltage cable systems. This proactive approach enables cable manufacturers and system owners to identify and rectify potential issues concerning installation and service aging defects, further enhancing the reliability and longevity of their cable systems.

UL Solutions’ commitment to safety science and their advanced testing programs contributes to the ongoing progress and innovation within the energy industry. By facilitating thorough assessments and diagnostics, the company ensures that high voltage cable systems meet the highest standards of quality and performance, benefiting various sectors including renewable energy, engineering, and utility providers.

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