Biotechnology Industry Organization calls for support of America’s Renewable Fuel Standard Act

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Biotechnology Industry Organization calls for support of America's Renewable Fuel Standard Act

Greentech Lead America: The RETECH 2012, the
4th annual Renewable Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition, being
held in Washington, DC, provided a platform for speakers to bring their
concerns on the energy crisis the country is facing and seek immediate action
from the industry and government.

Jim Greenwood, president and CEO of the Biotechnology
Industry Organization, called on renewable energy industry to support and
protect America’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“Our children’s future rests upon our ability to shift as
fast as possible to renewable energy sources. But we won’t succeed unless we
can convince our political leaders that renewables are ready, reliable and
competitive. And that they need the vision and the commitment to provide
America with the policies, incentives, and investments necessary to make that
happen,” Greenwood said.

Regarding the current requests that EPA waive the RFS for
one year, Greenwood said, “The impact of an RFS waiver on advanced biofuels
would be devastating. In fact, it could extend by several years the drought
that has endured in investment capital for new advanced biofuels technology.”

The RFS is one of the most successful energy policies
ever, because it does what it was intended to do. The RFS has made the U.S. the
world’s leader in renewable fuel innovation, according to Greenwood.

There are more than three dozen pilot and demonstration
biorefineries in operation, each testing and developing a different
technological approach. The first commercial biorefineries are ready to start

According to Greenwood, 400,000 Americans jobs are
supported by the biofuels industry. As the advanced biofuel industry grows,
good employment opportunities will be within reach for many more Americans. By
2022, the advanced biofuel sector could add 800,000 new jobs, he said.

“Renewable fuel is making a critical positive difference
for our economy, for our environment and for America’s energy security. In
uncertain times, renewable fuel is a strong and reliable catalyst for growth,
creating jobs while promoting a cleaner environment. Let’s keep this progress
moving forward – and keep America’s renewable fuel standard in place.”

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