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The 5th International Environmentally Friendly Vehicle
Conference (EFV) at the Baltimore Convention Center from September
10-12, 2012 will discuss the progress and future of greener and cleaner

The official hosts of the conference are the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and
Environment Canada. 

The three-day
agenda includes environmental officials from the United Nations and
several other nations, members of the media, and industry officials participating
in a wide variety of panel discussions (see below).  In addition, several
clean energy vehicles, ranging from clean diesel, electric to fuel cell
vehicles, will be available to view and test drive on Monday.

The Diesel Technology Forum is a sponsor of the
conference and an exhibitor.  Allen Schaeffer, the Forum’s executive
director, will moderate a panel discussion entitled “Technologies and
Fuels for Economic Growth and Sustainability in the Heavy Duty Sector”.

The ‘Ride and Drive’ at the event will give people the
opportunity to drive some of the most green cars in the world, including the
2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI which was voted the ‘2012 Earth, Wind &
Power Car of the Year for Most Earth Friendly’ automobile.

“Clean diesel technology has made tremendous
strides in the just the past decade in all sectors — from automobiles, trucks,
off-road equipment, power generation to marine vessels,” said Schaeffer. “Diesel
engines and the companies that make them have met unprecedented and competing
environmental challenges to achieve near-zero emissions and meet growing
customer productivity and efficiency demands.”

“They’ve been successful by undergoing a transformation
fueled by technology, innovation, embracing environmental stakeholders and
incorporating award-winning sustainability and community service programs
around the world,” Schaeffer added.

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