Energy efficiency initiatives give boost to infrastructure, economy

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Energy efficiency initiatives give boost to infrastructure, economy

Greentech Lead America: According to National Association
of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), energy efficiency industry is
contributing to the economy of the country creating new jobs and improving the
national infrastructure.

NAESCO is hosting its 29th annual national
conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans on November 7 – 9, 2012.

“At a time when the presidential candidates are
debating the best way to support job creation, the energy-efficiency industry
is one of the only industries to grow consistently over the course of the
recession, hiring people for good-paying and long-term jobs,” said NAESCO
executive director Terry E. Singer. 

Nationwide, the energy service industry has created
roughly 300,000 jobs, provided $50 billion in energy savings and $25 billion in
public infrastructure improvements since 1990.

According to NAESCO chairman Jim Dixon, “despite the
magnitude of energy efficiency work that has already been implemented, there is
still tremendous potential across many types of facilities for energy
efficiency to create energy and dollar savings for customers and

“Energy efficiency is the most economic, cleanest,
readily deployable, and under-utilized energy resource available to address
growing energy demand,” Dixon added.

According to NAESCO president Donald Gilligan, a
combination of smart policies, investments in new technology and private/public
partnerships have all been integral to building this new economic powerhouse.

At the November conference, several hundred of the
country’s leading energy efficiency and renewable providers, manufacturers and
distributors will meet in New Orleans to analyze the domestic and global
economic and energy forces affecting the energy market with a special focus on
the major forces shaping future market growth by region and by customer

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