European paper recycling industry faces turmoil due to pricing pressure

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European paper recycling industry faces turmoil due to pricing pressure

Greentech Lead U.K: A combination of low generation of
recovered fiber and declining prices being offered by mills are putting
pressure of European paper recycling industry.

Several European recyclers see the downward trend
continuing for the next several quarters as many European countries struggle
with challenging economies.

One recycler notes that both printer grades and brown
grades have seen prices drop by anywhere from 25 to 50 percent over the past
six months. Another source says that brown grades have fallen from around the
$140 per metric ton level to around the mid-$80s level.

The high grade sector in Europe is seeing many of the
same dynamics taking place in the United States, with printing plants closing
down, further reducing the supply of higher grades of recovered fiber.
“Printers continue to go bust,” one scrap paper dealer says.

The upcoming Paper Recycling Conference Europe will
address these issues faced by European paper recycling industry. A panel of
speakers from Austria Paper Recycling, Reno de Medici and Metso Paper will
discuss ways in which the industry can counteract and adjust to the downturn in
supply of paper and board.

Opportunities in other markets, across geographies and
industries will also be a focus of a number of sessions, including sought after
market updates from China, Middle East and India and what developments in these
regions mean for your business.

Insights from other supply- and demand-side stakeholders
will also feature on the program, including retail giant M&S and tissue
manufacturer Kimberly Clark, to assess the effect of the packaging and tissue
production trends on the recycled fiber industry.

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