GridComms to conduct Smart Grid event in London

GridComms to conduct Smart Grid event in London

By Greentech Lead Team: GridComms announced
its debut global Smart Grid conference on June 11, 2012 in London.

conference will focus on opportunities for collaboration and innovation between
the telecommunications and utilities industries with the common goal of
building and securing Smart Grid networks.

leaders from the telecom and utility industries will discuss the future of
smarter energy distribution and communications networks and the importance of
building and securing networks for the advancement of Smart Grid at the

The event
will comprise presentations and panels addressing the following topics:
Building Utility Mesh Networks; Wireless Networking Options Outside Traditional
Mesh Networks; Ensuring Reliability; Securing the Grid; Managing Data
Presentment; The Customer Experience; Billing and CIS SystemsBusiness
Intelligence and Data Analytics; and Building Smart Cities and Home Energy

the Smart Grid transformation continues to occur, we are excited to bring
together the most influential individuals from utilities, telcos and government
to discuss the unique opportunities for cross industry collaboration between
service providers and the utility sector,” said Juliet Shavit, founder of

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