Jaldhara Technologies participates in EAW Expo 2012

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Jaldhara Technologies participates in EAW Expo 2012

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Jaldhara Technologies, a specialized technology company in the area
of water, wastewater treatment and recycling, will be exhibiting all the new
technology and new generation of treatment methodologies for Water, Sewage,
Wastewater and Effluent treatment and recycling at Everything About Water Expo

“EAW Expo
2012 has given us an access to the global technological advancements in the
fields of water harvesting, water & wastewater treatment, water
conservation, irrigation, wastewater recycling and desalination. We are happy
to be a part of this exceptional opportunity and support Water and Wastewater Management
with other water experts,” said Harshad Bastikar, founder & CEO Jaldhara

Jaldhara is
demonstrating its latest offerings, Grewa-R & Grewa-M at the Expo.

Grewa-R, a
Sewage and Wastewater Treatment product, produces fully-digested sludge that is
automatically collected in bio-degradable bags. It is environment-friendly and
uses no toxic chemicals. Grewa-R is the only Wastewater Treatment product in
India that offers remote monitoring and control.

Grewa-M is a
third generation Membrane Bio-Reaction that combines Enhanced biological
treatment incorporating BNR and Immersed membrane filtration system. This
Wastewater Treatment product requires minimal operator intervention and reduced
cleaning chemicals, making it an environment-friendly choice for all projects
and applications.

The 9th EverythingAboutWater International Exhibition and Conference on Water
and Wastewater Management 2012 is the perfect platform for companies and
associations specializing in water treatment, wastewater management and all
other related industries to showcase and exhibit their products and expertise.
It is organized by EA Water, India’s leading knowledge solutions provider in
the water sector.

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