Pall to present membrane technology at International Water Conference 2012

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Pall to present membrane technology at International Water Conference 2012

Greentech Lead U.S: At the 2012 International Water
Conference November 4-8, San Antonio, Texas, topic experts Marvin Drake of the
Indiantown Cogeneration plant in Florida and Dr. Ram Venkatadri of Pall will
present a paper discussing the latest membrane technologies for water treatment
that can help power plants reduce costs and improve processes.

Power plant operators around the world are upgrading
traditional water treatment systems in an effort to improve the efficiency of
plant processes and lower customer costs. Microfiltration membrane technology
is a proven method of achieving this goal.

The Pall/Indiantown paper, which will be presented
Monday, November 5, will highlight the plant’s efforts to incorporate membranes
to treat the blowdown from their cooling tower. The plant required the
flexibility to use different combinations of makeup water, including surface
water, treated municipal effluent, and high TDS (total dissolved solids) well

“The need for improvements in water footprint along with
continuous cost reductions has made the reuse of process and waste water in
power plants increasingly important,” said Dr. Venkatadri, global marketing
manager at Pall. “The trend of the future is towards complete zero liquid
discharge (ZLD) plants and the deployment of microfiltration and reverse
osmosis technology has facilitated the implementation of ZLD schemes.”

The Pall Aria system, a cornerstone of Pall’s
water treatment solutions portfolio, utilizes unique hollow fiber membranes
with outstanding regeneration capabilities that cost-effectively produce
high-quality water. The robust fibers also help ensure consistent system
performance and reliability.

“Pall’s automated membrane system has functioned smoothly
for over a year while treating challenging cooling tower blowdown water,” said
Mr. Drake, plant chemist at Indiantown Cogeneration plant. “We are very pleased
that the system has met all of our performance goals while making good on its
promise of cost savings.”

The International Water Conference (IWC) is an
educational conference dedicated to industrial water. The IWC presents the
latest in scientific advances and practical applications in this field, cutting
across a wide range of industries, technologies and functional areas.

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