REFF focuses on evolution of renewable energy markets in Latin America

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REFF focuses on evolution of renewable energy markets in Latin America

Greentech Lead America: The second Renewable Energy
Finance Forum (REFF) hosted by the Latin American Council on Renewable Energy
(LAC-CORE) and the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) in Miami
brought together 200 policy makers, industry executives and investors to
discuss the evolution of the renewable energy markets in Latin America and the

REFF-LAC featured speakers from renewable energy
companies, investment institutions and government organizations focused on
renewable energy investments and transactions, infrastructure and country
policies, and the future growth potential for the region.

Delegates from more than 15 countries participated
including Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru,
Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, and a host of the Caribbean nations, in addition
to the U.S. and Europe.

The sessions at REFF-LAC highlighted that strong economic
growth rates and high electricity costs will spur renewable energy development
particularly with Latin America and the Caribbean’s abundant natural resources

Speakers said education is still needed throughout the
region: Both financiers and the general public need more awareness and
understanding to the benefits of renewable energy technologies

According to participants, sustainable policies need to
be implemented in order to create predictability for both developers and

$9.4 billion was invested in Latin America’s renewable
energy market in 2011, with most funding going to its growing wind energy

“Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing
industries in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Events like REFF-LAC are
excellent venues for networking and deal-generation, and create a better
understanding of financing opportunities in the region,” said LAC-CORE
President Carlos St. James.

“The delegates at REFF-LAC have built the business
case for investment in renewable energy development. REFF-LAC is connecting
people from Latin America and around the globe to learn about opportunities and
drive renewable energy growth in the region,” said keynote speaker and
ACORE president Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn.

“The time for distributed generation in Latin
America and the Caribbean has come,” said Pablo Reyes, LAC-CORE Board
member and Director of the Center of Strategic Studies for Latin America

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