Vishay Intertechnology to showcase power electronics for solar energy at Intersolar Europe 2012

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Vishay Intertechnology to showcase power electronics for solar energy at Intersolar Europe 2012

By Greenteh Lead Europe: Vishay Intertechnology will
showcase its power electronics products such as rectifiers, resistors, aluminum
and film capacitors, diodes, MOSFETs, and optocouplers at Intersolar Europe
2012. The company’s products are designed for solar applications such as
inverters, junction boxes, MPPT tracking systems, and system control.

Vishay’s 45 V Trench MOS barrier Schottky TMBS
single-chip rectifiers for solar cell junction boxes, feature a wide range of
current ratings from 10 A to 40 A and extremely low forward voltage drops down
to 0.51 V typical at 20 A. Offering a compact design and very high reliability
at high operating temperatures and can handle solder dip temperatures to + 200
degree C.

Vishay’s MKP1848S (slim DC-link) film capacitors offer
steady resistance at temperatures as low as – 40 degree C for additional
protection for pulsed switching currents in micro-inverters. The capacitors
provide maximum capacity in minimal sizes.

Devices in the 095 PLL-4TSI series of 4-terminal, snap-in
power capacitors offer high capacitance/voltage combinations, from 390
microfarads at 450 V to 2,200 microfarads at 350 V. Vishay also offers the 096
PLL-4TSI series with a 350 V to 500 V rated voltage range, capacitance to 2,700
microfarads, and a useful life of 5,000 h at + 85 degrees C.

Vishay’s E series of 600 V and 650 V n-channel power
MOSFETs offers ultra-low maximum on-resistance from 64 to 190 milliohms at 10
V, and a wide range of current ratings from 22 A to 47 A. The devices provide
ultra-low gate charge and low gate charge times on-resistance.

Vishay’s CNY6 series CAT IV optocouplers available in
surface-mount packages and optimized for solar installations, protect equipment
and people from being damaged or injured by a high-voltage spike or transient
of up to 12,000 V and a recurring peak voltage of 1,450 V.

Optically isolated electronic solid-state relays (SSR)
such as the VO1400AEFTS offer an ideal solution for malfunction alarms. The
VO1400AEFTS is a miniature 1-Form-A SSR with low on-resistance of 5 ohms,
trigger current of 1 mA, and load voltage of 60 V.

CMB 0207 specialty MELF resistors with advanced pulse
load capability are the perfect choice for the protection of circuitry with
signal and mains input lines from surge pulses.

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