Yingli Green Energy showcases multi and mono crystalline modules at Intersolar Europe

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Greentech Lead China:  Yingli Green Energy is showcasing its latest multi- and mono crystalline PV modules at Intersolar Europe.

Yingli Solar products have recently achieved outstanding test results in Germany. Abiding by its role of being at the forefront of sustainable development, Yingli Green Energy is going to present its vision of a low-emission PV industry at the trade show.

In the PHOTON Module Yield Test 2012 executed by PHOTON labs, Yingli Green Energy’s flagship multicrystalline module (the YGE 60 Cell Series, YL240P-29b) generated an annual yield of 1,118.7 kilowatt-hours per kilowatt.

According to the test result, the performance ratio of Yingli Green Energy’s module reached 93.1 percent and exceeded that of the winner from the same test in 2011 by 2.8 percent. This performance ratio indicates what percentage of the incoming solar irradiance converts into electricity.

Again, in the TUV Rheinland from September 2011 to August 2012, fourteen modules from eleven PV manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia were tested . All modules were tested under high temperature and low irradiation. By comparing the average energy output per watt of all the modules, Yingli Green Energy’s PANDA module emerged as the second best, which proved its stable performance under severe conditions.

According to the test result, the electricity output of the PANDA module was 0.6 percent lower than the top performer, 2.9 percent higher than the average level and 5.0 percent higher than the lowest ranking module.

The Company’s multicrystalline PV module also excelled in the “2010 Energy Yield Test” by TUV Rheinland, ranking the second best amongst thirteen PV modules from eleven participating PV manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia.

“We integrate our research findings into our production processes which guarantee high yields and a long life-span,” said Liansheng Miao, chairman and chief executive officer of Yingli Green Energy.

Yingli Green Energy also revealed its sustainability goals for the coming years. The company aims to set an example by constantly increasing its own share of renewable energy consumption.

The Company operates more than 20 MW of solar installations on its manufacturing bases to power their production facilities. By the end of 2015, Yingli Green Energy expects that at least 4 percent of its total energy consumption will come from renewable sources.

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