RamkyEnviro Engineers wins contract to develop effluent treatment plant from TSIIC


RamkyEnviro Engineers, a provider of environment management services, has secured a contract to develop a Zero Liquid Discharge Common Effluent Treatment Plant (ZLD-CETP) at the TSIIC Industrial Park at Pashamylaram, Hyderabad.

The Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) will treat 480 KL industrial wastewater daily and will be expanding to 1000 KL per day. The CETP will be the first of its kind ZLD-CETP catering to pharmaceutical industry clusters and also the first to be operational utilizing environment-friendly natural gas.

RamkyEnviro Engineers will develop the CETP on a DBFOT basis. The plant will initially treat 480 KLD (kiloliters per day) of wastewater with plans to expand to 1 MLD (million liters per day).

Goutham Reddy, MD & CEO, RamkyEnviro Engineers Limited, said: “The Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) will be an environmentally friendly plant providing treated wastewater for reuse by the industries and  proposes to utilise environment friendly natural gas.”

“There was a demand for the CETP with ZLD by the industry who were otherwise finding it difficult to meet their effluent treatment needs met by the CETPs in the nearby areas. The CETP is expected to be operational in the next 8 to 9 months,” VenkatNarasimha Reddy, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, TSIIC, said.