The future of homes using green technology

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The future of homes is green. From smart appliances to energy monitoring systems and automation, green technology is changing the way we will live in our homes and communities.

And if you look at amazing advancements in green home technology, you’ll soon realize the future is now. Here’s a list of current (and future) high-tech applications for environmentally responsible living that you may be using in your own home sometime soon.

Monitoring Energy Usage

Being able to track the wattage used on energy-sucking systems, appliances, and outlets along with seeing where energy leaks occur (such as from specific windows and doors) will be easy to do with a digital energy monitoring system.

Once the data is collected and analyzed, you’ll be able to know which of your home’s elements are problematic. Then they can be repaired or replaced as necessary in order to reach your optimal energy usage goals.

Using Smart Appliances

Large kitchen and laundry appliances take a lot of power to operate. Fortunately, new models are implementing green technology to lower energy consumption and water usage so they’ll be  more earth friendly.

Other appliances are becoming smarter as well, including:

  • Smart power adapters or smart power strips that give devices the exact amount of power they need to operate before cutting off the supply
  • Rainwater harvesting tanks that recirculate rainwater for use in toilets and sprinkler systems
  • Tankless water heaters that heat only as much water as is needed at a given time
  • Waterless (tankless) and solar-powered toilets that can be used in areas where waste management is a concern

Automating Your Systems

Though it may seem like a luxury, upgraded home automation systems controlled from your mobile device also offer many sustainable advantages. These systems allow every room in your home to be customized with temperature and lighting preferences, automatically adjusted by the time, weather, and if you are home or away. This technology will limit your energy waste, save you money on your utility bills, and keep you nice and comfortable in every room of your house.

solar panels on homeHarnessing Solar and Geothermal Energy

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy that is harnessed from the sun by using solar panels installed on the roof of a home. This method will lower your reliance on energy from fossil fuels and can even supply you with excess energy that you can sell back to your power company.

Geothermal energy uses a pump to extract heat from deep underground into your home’s HVAC system during the cold season. When it’s hot outside, heat is extracted from the air and moved back underground. This system provides unlimited energy to heat and cool a home.

Building the (tiny) Home of the Future

The trend of tiny homes has begun and will continue for the foreseeable future. If “tiny living” is a little extreme for some, living in a home that is not too big, not too small, but just the right size to comfortably fit its inhabitants is also a smart move of the future.

An idea that is gaining traction on a massive scale is the concept of homes being pre-built in a warehouse and then assembled on site. Mass-constructing homes is not only more efficient but also allows for consistency in building products and quality end results.  

Not only will the size and type of homes be more environmentally friendly in the future but the building materials will be as well. Eco-conscious products that are now being used on commercial buildings will soon be used on houses. Construction materials will be obtained from sustainable resources and manufactured from renewable natural products. Reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic and glass, and 3D-printed products will be widely used.

Green technology is changing the way we live our everyday lives, helping ensure the future of our earth is bright. By utilizing these astounding technological advancements to our own advantage, the positive impact on our lifestyle and the environment will be invaluable.

Garret Crosby


Garret Crosby

Garret Crosby is a freelance writer for multiple online publications. He has recently worked with Legend Solar. Garret is committed to learning about how businesses and homes can go green.


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