Apple announces recycling package for iPhone 4S


Apple announces recycling package for iPhone 4S

Greentech Lead America: With the launch of new iPhone on cards,
Apple is encouraging iPhone 4S users to dump their phones with an iPhone 4S
recycling offer.

Through its Reuse and Recycle program, Apple is offering a
rebate for iPhone models such as 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S.  According to company officials, a 64GB iPhone
4S in good condition can fetch a rebate up to $345.  Even a completely damaged device can earn you
some money. The company pays the shipping and packaging charges.

By submitting the device to Apple’s recycling partners,
you get a gift certificate that can be redeemed with any new purchase in online
store. The actual price of the device will be calculated once Apple’s partner
PowerON receives and evaluates your device.

Apple has scheduled the launch of its next-generation
smartphone on September 12.

still scores low in clean energy despite coal-free pledge

Apple has been the target of Greenpeace activists. According
to the recent Greenpeace International analysis, Apple still lacks a plan that
outlines a realistic path to eliminate its reliance on coal to power its

Though Apple has made significant improvements in its clean
energy policies recently, the company still gets low scores for its energy
choices when compared with sector leaders, Greenpeace said.

Apple’s clean energy score improved to 22.6 percent from
15.3 percent, and its grades in the “Renewables and Advocacy” and
“Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation” categories
correspondingly improved to Cs from Ds. Apple received a D for its “Energy
Transparency” and a D in the “Infrastructure Siting” category.

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