Ascent Solar announces Surfr Solar & Battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Surfr Solar & Battery

Ascent Solar Technologies, a manufacturer of consumer and off-grid products integrated with flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules (CIGS), announced the debut of its Surfr Solar & Battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung has already sold over 40 million Galaxy S4 till date, so Ascent Solar finds great market opportunity for the Surfr solar and battery case.

The EnerPlex Surfr case for Galaxy S4 comes with the choice of multiple colors. It has a lightweight, thin and highly customizable form factor of Ascent’s proprietary CIGS solar cells, allowing solar technology to be integrated into the thinnest and lightest solar-enabled case on the market.

Paired with an ultra-thin 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery, the EnerPlex case provides not only protection to the smartphone but hours of additional audio, web and talk time for consumers.

Surfr Solar & Battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

“With 40 million S4’s already sold since the product’s debut, we feel the Surfr Solar & Battery case is the perfect complementary accessory for this wildly successful smartphone, opening the EnerPlex brand to an even wider audience of smartphone users,” said Ascent Solar’s president and CEO, Victor Lee.

The EnerPlex Surfr for the Galaxy S4 will be available for sale nationwide in mid-November, Ascent Solar said.

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