CA Technologies unveils CA Data Center Infrastructure Management 4.0

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CA Technologies unveils CA Data Center Infrastructure Management 4.0

Greentech Lead America: CA Technologies has launched CA
Data Center Infrastructure Management 4.0 (CA DCIM), its next generation
solution that leverages and extends the company’s technology for monitoring,
managing and optimizing the use of power, cooling, space and assets in the data

The CA DCIM 4.0 enables customers to collect power and
environmental information from data center facilities and IT systems in order
to better, analyze, report, alert and control the data center environment. It
helps decision-makers more effectively understand energy consumption and use,
visualize data center space, place and locate data center assets, manage asset
lifecycle, perform root-cause analysis and plan capacity.

With CA DCIM 4.0, customers can reduce costs, improve
service levels and respond more quickly to change. CA DCIM 4.0 also enables
customers to integrate the management of their data center infrastructure with
the management of IT to better meet the needs of the business.

“CA DCIM 4.0 provides customers with a comprehensive
monitoring and management system which helps bring together IT and facilities
to meet the needs of the business more reliably and rapidly, and at lower cost.
With CA DCIM’s advanced functionality, customers can consistently make better
use of power, space and cooling capacity so that they can achieve more with
their critical infrastructure,” said Terrence Clark, general manager, Energy
and Sustainability, CA Technologies.   

CA DCIM 4.0 offers expanded integration gateway functions
for improved data capture, 3-D visualization of thermal environment for
discovering hot spots that indicate inefficiencies and potential threats to
critical IT services, simplified analysis, identification and recommendation of
available rack space based on multiple factors, Integration with CA Executive
Insight for Service Assurance; and Expanded integration with Cisco EnergyWise.

 CA DCIM 4.0 also allows customers to leverage
facilities management systems such as BMS, power distribution, HVAC, and
environmental sensors unifying them for data center monitoring,
troubleshooting, optimization and planning.

CA Technologies launches ecoGovernance 3.0 for energy and
sustainability management

CA Technologies recently launched CA ecoGovernance 3.0
for energy and sustainability management. CA ecoGovernance 3.0 is part of the
CA ecoSoftware suite that is designed to assist customers with corporate energy
and sustainability management.

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