Dimension Data unveils electronic waste removal service

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Dimension Data unveils electronic waste removal service

Greentech Lead U.S: Dimension Data, a global ICT
services and solutions provider, announced the availability of an electronic
waste (e-waste) removal service as part of its newly expanded Technology
Lifecycle Management (TLM) Assessment that helps organizations better manage IT

The TLM Assessment catalogues and analyzes assets on the
network, and identifies end-of-life and security issues so that they can be
proactively addressed.

Research indicates that the number of electronic devices
at end-of-life will double from 2010 to 2025, and it’s estimated that more than
60 million tons of e-waste will be at the decision point for reuse, recycle or
landfill in 20131.

While the replacement and upgrade cycle of devices is
inevitable, the dilemma most organizations face is finding an environmentally
friendly e-waste removal service that is available on a global scale.

“According to aggregate data compiled by Dimension
Data from 294 TLM Assessments conducted at organizations of all sizes and in
all industry sectors in 2011, 45 percent of the network estates assessed will
be totally obsolete within five years,” said Colin Curtis, Dimension
Data’s director of sustainability.  

“Expanding our TLM Assessment to include an e-waste solution
means our expert advice doesn’t start at the point of disposal. We can now
assess the strength of each item in a technology base, determine its point in
the lifecycle, and then use best practices to dispose of elapsed devices and
equipment in an ecological and regulatory-compliant manner,” Curtis added. “In
addition, the organization’s security and brand are not negatively

Dimension Data’s expanded TLM assessment and e-waste
solution also provides thorough assessment of an organization’s installed base,
single plan for removing e-waste globally, experienced service provider, simple
costing and security for sensitive data.

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