Google earns accolades for green Oklahoma data center announcement

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Google earns accolades for green Oklahoma data center announcement

Greentech Lead U.S: Google’s announcement
that it is purchasing 48 megawatts of wind power for its data center in Oklahoma
has been well received by Greenpeace International.

Gary Cook, senior IT Analyst at Greenpeace International said in
a statement, “Google’s announcement today shows what the most forward-thinking,
successful companies can accomplish when they are serious about powering their
operations with clean energy.  Google faced a local grid mix of over
50 percent coal power for its Oklahoma data center. But as a major electricity
customer in the state, Google worked with its local utility to secure a new
supply of renewable wind energy.”

Google’s move to power its data center fleet with clean energy
sends signal to other companies and electric utilities around the world that
renewable energy is not only possible, but is simply smart business in the 21st
century economy, Greenpeace said.

Greenpeace also urges people to be wise when deciding their
search, mail and cloud platform — whether to choose non-environmentally
friendly companies over Google. Unlike Google, Microsoft has not yet shown
interest in green energy investments though it has committed to being carbon neutral.

Microsoft continues to build data centers attached to dirty
sources of electricity and sought to mask its dirty energy supply with carbon
offsets and renewable energy credits, Greenpeace argued. If Microsoft wants
environmentally-minded customers to choose Bing, Outlook and its Microsoft
Office cloud, it needs to follow Google’s lead and invest in renewable energy.

Google has been ranked No.1 in Greenpeace’s 21 list of green IT
companies announced earlier this year. Google scored 53 points out of 100.
Cisco, at second spot, has 49 points. Ericsson and Fujitsu share the third
position with 48 points each.

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