Green data center market to grow at CAGR of 27.2% over next five years

green datacenter

A recent report published in MarketsandMarkets estimates that global green data center market will grow from $22.76 billion in 2014 to $75.89 billion by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.2%.

Among various regions, APAC is expected to show the highest growth pace but North America is expected to remain the largest market holder in the forecast period, the report said.

green datacenter (source-Gigaom)Green data center market covers Solutions including Server, Networking, Power, Cooling, Management, Green Solutions; Services such as Professional, Monitoring, and SI; Users such as Cloud, Colocation and Enterprises.

Data center managers struggle to tackle issues such as increasing power consumption in order to reduce operational cost to the company. This has created the need for low power consuming techniques.

Also, with harsh environment laws imposed by the government and in order to get economic benefits for being an energy conscious organization, there is an increase in the efficient infrastructure spending, the report said.

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