GreenQloud unveils two clean IaaS cloud solutions

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GreenQloud unveils two clean IaaS cloud solutions

Greentech Lead America: GreenQloud, a Truly Green cloud
computing company, has launched two clean infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)
cloud solutions, Compute Qloud and Storage Qloud, at DEMO Fall 2012.

The green cloud solutions are designed to make the IT
industry more sustainable and to make the cloud easy to use. GreenQloud uses
highly efficient hardware and is the only cloud IaaS provider powered by 100
percent renewable energy.

GreenQloud offers scalable, secure and distributed high
performance servers and on-demand storage as well as an easy-to-use management
console. GreenQloud APIs are compatible with the most widely used IaaS clouds,
which makes migration to its greener services simple.

“GreenQloud is building services to eliminate the
time intensive management of data infrastructure — freeing valuable financial
and human resources that can be redirected towards business growth,” said
Eirikur Hrafnsson, co-founder and chief global strategist, GreenQloud.
“Equally important, GreenQloud is providing Cloud services that reduce the
IT industry’s significant and increasing dependence on fossil fuel powered
energy grids and data centers.”

GreenQloud is ideal for managing websites, web storage,
backups, key-value databases, scaling web apps and scientific computing.

GreenQloud’s Compute Qloud service can be utilized for
easy server and application deployment while Storage Qloud is best for file
management and back up storage, featuring drag & drop multi-file uploads.

The GreenQloud management console enables customers to efficiently
monitor usage statistics, server load graphs, bandwidth stats, the number of
servers running, total storage used, estimated billing.

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