Huawei showcases green, energy-saving site solution at LTE MENA 2012

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Huawei showcases green, energy-saving site solution at LTE MENA 2012

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: Telecom equipment provider Huawei has showcased its green,
energy-saving site solution at LTE MENA 2012.

This energy-efficient solutions will enable operators across
the MENA region to construct next-generation and environmentally friendly LTE
mobile broadband networks.

As LTE networks are increasingly deployed around the world,
mobile operators are faced with challenges, such as difficulties in site
acquisition and moderating site energy consumption.

Huawei’s green, energy-saving site solution helps operators
cope with network transformation by supplying steady green energy for global
broadband networks and meeting the needs of next-generation communication sites
through its carbon-efficiency, small size, and easy maintenance.

Huawei’s mini-shelter solution adopts an all-in-one design
that holds necessary communication equipment in only two square meters. The
small size allows the solution to be deployed in areas with limited space, such
as rooftops or on the street.

To replace traditionally energy guzzling air-conditioning,
Huawei’s mini-shelter uses intelligent heat exchange temperature control
technology that allows operators to save 40 percent to 80 percent of site
operational energy consumption.

“We are committed to helping global operators provide
ubiquitous broadband services by enabling them to evolve to LTE ultra-broadband
networks,” said Hou Jinlong, chief executive officer, Huawei Energy and
Infrastructure Product Line.

More than 80,000 of Huawei’s green, energy-saving site
solution have been deployed for broadband networks of the world’s top
operators, including China Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, FT, BT, MTN, Etisalat,
STC, and Telenor.

“Based on the deep understanding of the telecommunications
industry we have developed over the past 20 years, as well as our significant
experience maintaining more than one million sites around the world, Huawei has
been able to transform from a communications equipment supplier to a globally
advanced site solution supplier,” Jinlong added.

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