Indus Towers announces 20,000 green sites across 15 telecom circles in India

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Greentech Lead India: Indus Tower Limited, a telecom tower company, announced 20,000 green sites across 15 telecom circles in India as part of their national campaign called Indus Towers Green Sites Project.

The company had already declared 6 major cities in India namely Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Palanpur and Gandhinagar by March 2012 as ‘Green’ where sites which are in the limits of Municipal Corporation are not using diesel and relying just on Grid Power and other non-polluting backup sources.

Thereafter the need was felt to transform the project focus to a more micro level one from ‘Green City’ to ‘Green Sites’.  As of March 2013 Indus Towers has successfully converted 20 percent of its portfolio into Green sites (20,000 Green sites), a first its kind initiative in the telecom industry.

B S Shantharaju, CEO, Indus Towers, said, “By executing the project en mass, Indus is promoting a greener economy. The project has improved the image of the telecom industry as being socially responsible and environment friendly and Indus being the largest telecom tower company in the world will continue to lead this initiative.”

A telecom site run by Indus uses energy sources like Grid power, Diesel Generator (DG) & Batteries. With operations running 24×7, 365 days in 15 telecom circles of India there is large requirement of continuous power supply to support the services. The project was conceived to run telecom network operations without using Diesel as power backup and without compromising on the network uptime.

Additionally Indus has also deployed other innovative technological solutions at sites including temperature controlled telecom equipment with 15000 Free Cooling Units installed to allow heat transfer between ambient and shelter during the time when ambient temperature is quite low (winters and night time). This heat transfer results in reduced run of the ACs thereby reducing energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions.

Besides this, Indus has been successfully running large scale projects to reduce energy consumption at cell sites. Till date, Indus has 20000 Green sites.

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