Indus Towers plans to become largest green energy deployment for telecom infrastructure industry

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Indus Towers plans to become largest green energy deployment for telecom infrastructure industry

Greentech Lead India: Indus Towers, a passive
infrastructure services provider to all telecom operators, announced that it is
planning to deploy all possible solutions to power the telecom towers in the
near future and plans to be the largest green energy deployment in the world
for telecom infrastructure industry. Indus Towers boasts of one of the largest
portfolios of green sites amongst all telecom companies in India.

Indus Towers is promoted under a joint venture among
entities of Bharti Group, Vodafone Group and Aditya Birla Group.

Indus has presence in the 16 major telecom circles of
India, and has recently achieved 200,000 tenancies, a first in the telecom
tower industry globally. With 110,000 towers in 16 circles across the country,
Indus has the widest coverage in India and is also the largest telecom tower
company in the world.

Indus Tower’s strategy is not only limited to usage of
alternative energy to power its towers, but also to work on all other aspects
like using green equipments to follow a process that puts less impact on the
environment and  using a business model that advocates greener ways to
doing business.

The company’s green roadmap starts with using green
telecom equipment to green design of passive telecom sites, through enhanced
site sharing and power generation through green sources.

The company’s green city initiative is to manage network
operations by eliminating Diesel Genset running at the site by augmenting
electricity supply / battery bank/other technology initiative (deployment of
FCU, inverter and other technical solutions) without compromising on the
network connectivity.

“One of Indus’ core values is environment. We are
committed to our values framework and have already reduced usage of 62 million
liters of diesel in the last 2 years and our endeavor will be to reduce it
further every year. We will take this campaign to as many cities as possible
and recreate the image of our country as a Green Nation,” said BS Shantharaju,
CEO, Indus Towers.

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