Infinite Power Solutions THINERGY MECs to assist Bluetooth low energy applications

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Infinite Power Solutions THINERGY MECs to assist Bluetooth low energy applications


By Greentech Lead Team: Infinite
Power Solutions, a clean technology company, announced that their THINERGY
Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) products are the ideal energy storage solution for many
Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

The company says its eco-friendly
MECs are well suited to power emerging devices, thanks to the low power
wireless radio protocol. Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices are
enjoying industry adoption.

THINERGY MECs are poised
to be the battery of choice to power many Smart devices because they enable
smaller, thinner form factors, and provide high power, unrivalled cycle life,
and longer service life than conventional batteries. THINERGY MECs enable a low
cost, hassle-free, permanent power solution for a variety of consumer oriented
wireless sensors.

Devices using Bluetooth Low Energy
technology, a key part of the Bluetooth 4.0 Specification, consume a portion of
the power required by traditional Bluetooth wireless communication devices.

Bluetooth Smart devices will
communicate up to 50 meters with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices such as phones,
tablets and PCs, which form the epicenter of the consumers’ connected

“Bluetooth Low Energy was
developed to allow wireless sensors to operate for up to one year using
standard coin-cell batteries. However, these coin-cells still wear out and
eventually need to be replaced, burdening the end-user with the inconvenience
of battery replacement and loss of service. For longer life, especially in
high duty-cycle applications, Bluetooth Smart devices can be powered
indefinitely with THINERGY MECs thanks to their unprecedented recharge
capability, offering exciting new possibilities for consumer
devices,” said Raghu Das, CEO at IDTechEx.

MECs can be autonomously recharged
using ambient energy harvesting, such as a small, inexpensive solar cell or
other harvesting device.  Designers can implement a 4V THINERGY MEC with
an energy harvester to provide permanent, maintenance-free power for the life
of the device.

“This gives iDevices Consulting
the chance to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by developing
ultra-low power consuming Bluetooth Smart devices, and powering them with a
thin, eco-friendly, and permanently installed THINERGY MEC,” said Chris
Allen, CEO of iDevices.


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