Logitech launches solar keyboard folio for iPad

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Logitech launches solar keyboard folio for iPad

Greentech Lead America: ICT accessory vendor Logitech has
launched Solar Keyboard Folio for second- and third-generation iPads.

The solar keyboard folio is available for $130.

The solar keyboard charges via solar or ambient light.
Connectivity to the iPad is via Bluetooth. When closed the keyboard section
protects the screen of the iPad and when opened iPad comes on instantly on so
you can get to work.

The company claims that it is like
Logitech’s wireless solar keyboard K750 for Mac.

Logitech said a fully charged battery can last for up to
two years, even in complete darkness, when the keyboard is used for two hours
per day.

The solar keyboard folio offers good typing experience.
The accessory provides two prop-up positions, one for typing and the other for
watching video or listening to music. In addition to supporting the magnetic
sleep/wake feature of second- and third-generation iPad models, closing the
folio’s cover turns off the keyboard.

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