Milwaukee Data Center gets US GBC LEED Gold certification

By Editor


Data Holdings announced that the Milwaukee data center has earned Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program.

This is Wisconsin’s first LEED Gold data center and joins a small group of companies including Facebook, GM and Equinix, with LEED Gold data center facilities.

Dan McGrath, CEO, NewAge Data Center Solutions, said, “This certification is achieved by only a few and is a testimony to the value and integrity designed into this building which operates the data center. In Data Holdings, it is imperative that technologies and practices to manage and protect data minimize environmental impact and user and owner operational costs.”

Data Holdings is a wholesale, Tier III Enhanced, data center with environmental and business features like a chilling system with airside economizer technology that provide data center users with cooling all the year.  This capability contributes to Data Holding’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating with 1.28.

Data Holdings was designed to offer power, cooling and connectivity to data center users. The data center utilizes efficient technologies for various functional and equipment needs including power supply, electronically commutated motors, lighting, water heating, and plumbing fixtures.

A white roof with a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 110 that reduces heat gain tops the building while water efficient plantings surround the building.  A storm water management system captures more than 80,000 gallons of storm runoff reducing flow to the city’s sewer system.

Built using sustainable construction practices, the project diverted most of the construction site generated waste away from the landfill.   20 percent of the building’s materials contain recycled contents. To enhance indoor air free flow low and no volatile organic compound materials were used.

For Data Holdings, LEED Gold Certification is a differentiator appealing to data center users to store their information with organizations that share their enterprise’s values for fiscal and environmental management.

Data Holdings is located at a strategically ideal location because of access to diverse power sources and multiple fiber carriers providing the necessary redundancy and back up data center customers require. The location poses no threats to disrupt power or connectivity, and jeopardize data access and integrity.

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