Mobile devices contributed for 27 percent of LED market in 2011, says GBI Research

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Mobile devices contributed for 27 percent of LED market in 2011, says GBI Research

Greentech Lead U.K: The explosive growth of mobile
devices like tablets is a key factor driving the growth of global
light-emitting diode (LED) market, says a new report from industry experts GBI

The mobile devices portion contributed $4.7 billion to
the total LED market in 2011 – a share of 27 percent – and the insatiable
demand for tablets such as Apple’s iPad 3 and Google’s new Nexus is expected to
be a major market catalyst.

The mobile devices segment of the global LED market is
expected to account for 39 billion unit sales by the end of 2012, but will
almost double to 75 billion by 2016, climbing at a compound annual growth rate
(CAGR) of 14 percent, the report said.

LEDs are employed to reduce the power required to
backlight tablet displays, which are typically the most battery-sapping
components. Other tablet requirements, such as consistent brightness and lack
of flicker during dimming, are also met by LED technology. As a result, the
expected escalation in tablet shipments across the globe will lead to an
increase in the demand for highly efficient LEDs.

According to GBI Research, the tablet market had a global
sales volume of 73 million units in 2011, but this value is expected to explode
in the near future, reaching 350 million units in 2016.

GBI Research’s report also explores the rising need for
LEDs in horticultural applications, claiming the area has huge potential to
enlarge the overall LED market value. The small size of LEDs, combined with
their high efficiency and long lifespan, could see them play a big role in
expanding plant cultivation and production.

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