NEC announces initiatives to drive adoption of smart energy solutions across Asia Pacific

Greentech Lead Asia: NEC Asia Pacific, a provider of IT and network solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announced initiatives to drive the adoption of its Smart Energy solutions and services across the Asia Pacific region.

Through this new business proceeding, NEC will continue to support its vision of a ‘New Energy Society’ by advocating efficient energy use to achieve a low-carbon society across key markets in the region.

NEC is doing so by creating new businesses with partners across varying fields and industries to fuse their respective specialties and expertise while continuing to provide comprehensive products and solutions in areas pertaining to Energy Management & Control, Energy Storage and Smart Grids.

Over the years, NEC has been actively supporting its commitment to establish an energy-efficient society through various business projects. It has commercialized electrodes for automotive lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and small-scale energy storage systems, as well as its cloud-based services.

In 2012, NEC Asia Pacific set up the Smart Energy Business Unit in Singapore to further promote the Smart Energy business. It is involved in the development, system integration, local assembly and sales in the Smart Energy domain and has heavily invested in energy management and storage.

One of its notable projects included the development of a Meter Data Portal to enable enterprise consumers to optimize their business operations while monitoring their energy consumption in a cost-effective way. In addition, NEC is developing Li-ion based Energy Storage Systems (ESS) specifically targeting the Telecom and Enterprise verticals.

Nobuaki Yoshioka, general manager (Energy System Development Division) of the Smart Energy Business Unit at NEC Corporation, Japan, said, “As energy demand is expected to increase, NEC’s strong focus on the smart energy and ICT business will thus contribute to the realization of a society where energy is stored and applied wisely through technologies that enable smart homes, offices, buildings and smart cities.”

Manish Kasliwal, head of Smart Energy Business Incubation Centre and director of Regional Business Planning at NEC Asia Pacific said, “Current business environment, specifically in the utility and telecom verticals require significant reduction in the energy operational expenditure. Our Smart Energy unit in Singapore serves as a platform to tap on the immense growth potential within the region.”

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