Samsung releases app to help mobile users go green

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Greentech Lead America:  Samsung has revealed a bunch of mobile apps designed to create awareness about Earth Hour and encourage mobile users to turn to energy efficient habits.

The first app Amazing Candle is a free app from Jo Jo that lets users create a real candle on their phone. They can control the flame by flicking over it. Through this app Samsung spreads the importance of saving electricity.

Solar Power Guide, a free app from Bigo, is an e-book that gives a bunch of information on solar products and their benefits. The app provides information in the form of free e-course on how to adopt solar energy, solar energy news, articles, videos, podcasts and more.

The Electricity Calculator from Snappy Appz is a professional electrical application for calculating many common electrical problems. The app costs Rs. 150. It allows users to calculate complicated voltage drop calculations and get results for percentage voltage drop as well as maximum lengths of runs.

Go Green gives tips and ideas of going green every day. The app helps users select green products and services that improve the quality of their day-to-day lives. The price of the app is Rs. 50.

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