Siemens Building Technologies intros Environmental Impact Calculator for buildings

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Siemens Building Technologies intros Environmental Impact Calculator for buildings

Greentech Lead America: Siemens Building Technologies has
introduced the Environmental Impact Calculator, a new application now available
free-of-charge through the Apple Store.

Siemens’ Environmental Impact Calculator allows energy
engineers, facility managers and others to estimate a building’s baseline
carbon footprint from purchased electricity, natural gas and heating oil. Users
can also measure the impact of energy efficiency improvements on an annual
basis or throughout the length of a given project’s term.

The calculator will convert building energy consumption
data into relevant comparisons including the number of cars and light trucks
removed from the road, the number of acres of forest absorbing carbon, and
barrels of oil consumed. Results can be used to communicate reduction targets,
develop a greenhouse gas reduction strategy or support a range of initiatives
to reduce a building’s environmental impact.

“Quantifying the impact of energy consumption and energy
conservation efforts in terms of greenhouse gas emissions is the easiest way to
measure environmental impact,” said Ari Kobb, director, Sustainability &
Green Building Solutions. “This new tool provides a simple way for users
to create a simple carbon footprint for buildings, measure carbon savings and
easily convert that information into easily understood equivalencies.”

The 6.5 MB application, compatible with iPhone, iPod
touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later, is available free-of-charge from Apple
Store’s iTunes.

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