STMicroelectronics to have 100 percent of new products eco-designed by 2015

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STMicroelectronics to have 100 percent of new products eco-designed by 2015

Greentech Lead Asia: Semiconductor major
STMicroelectronics is planning to have 100 percent of new products eco-designed
by 2015.

In 2011, ST made progress in developing in-house
eco-design tools suited to the complexity of its products. The company adopted
greener material selection and greener packaging to spearhead in this area.

“The semiconductor industry is increasingly driven by the
way people live and what they expect technology to bring to their lives, both
in enhancing the quality of the way they work, learn, interact and relax and in
helping to address major societal challenges such as energy saving, healthcare
and security,” said Carlo Bozotti, president and CEO of ST.

ST also addressed the conflict minerals issue through its
participation in the EICC and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and 100
percent of its supply chain was involved in 2011.

Moreover, ST launched a new initiative on responsible
products with the aim of tracking and communicating effectively on the products
that provide a clear contribution to a more sustainable world.

In 2011, ST recycled more than 40 percent of its water,
reusing it for different purposes, such as for scrubbers, cooling towers or
civil usage.

In 2011, more than 90 percent of waste generated was
recycled and re-used, while less than 3 percent was sent to landfill.

The company also implemented several programs to reduce
the carbon footprint linked to transportation of ST products.

In 2011, the distance in kilometres for each kilogram of
product transported in the ST network was reduced by 11 percent, while the
newly finished goods-store hub in Calamba, Philippines, has enabled a two-day
reduction in cycle time and a 55 percent CO2emission reduction, representing
1.4K tons of CO2 emissions saved per year, as well as savings of more than US$
1.3M on freight costs.

In 2011, ST deployed its Sustainable Procurement
policy, which contributes to the goals of sustainable development and efficient
resource usage by ensuring that the Company’s suppliers, contractors and the
goods and services purchased achieve optimum environmental performance.

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