X-Rays, the Latest Tool in ‘Green’ Manufacturing

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X-Rays, the Latest Tool in \'Green\' Manufacturing

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: National Wire & Cable, a manufacturer of wire and cable products
in North America, announced it has implemented sophisticated X-Ray Fluorescence
(XRF) technology to ensure its products comply with all applicable
International lead-free, Green and REACH manufacturing standards.

National Wire utilizes
a Nitron XL3 hand-held XRF analyser to analyze material’s chemical composition
and verify RoHS and Reach compliance as part of its extensive quality control

Nitron XL3
hand-held XRF analyser is capable of providing legally admissible detailed
chemical materials analysis in real time.

The raw
materials used to make wire and cable may create an environmental or health
safety issue. XRF technology can analyze a material’s precise chemical
composition. This technology enables manufacturer to certify the materials it
uses are compliant with all health and safety standards.

fluorescence is a proven technique for elemental analysis of materials. X-Ray
fluorescence is a phenomenon in which a material is exposed to x-rays of energy
and atoms in the sample absorb the energy.

Wire’s XRF program can provide detailed quality and materials validation for
the complex metal alloys and plastic coatings used in the manufacture of wire
and cable. As part of National Wire’s sophisticated materials analysis program,
the company offers independent legally admissible XRF testing services on

XRF analysis
is used for systematic verification throughout National Wire’s manufacturing
process including receipt of material, stockroom and finished product. A
streamlined record retention process supports the compliance assurance system
and dramatically speeds the time to respond to compliance questions.

“We are
very mindful of the large footprint our products occupy throughout America and
the world. We are demonstrating that manufacturing in an environmentally
responsible way is good business,” said Vic Alfonsi, vice president,
National Wire.

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