ZTE to power African countries with renewable solar energy products


ZTE, a Chinese provider of telecommunications equipment, network solutions and mobile devices, is working with governments and enterprises across several African countries to deploy the use of renewable solar energy.

The projects include a variety of ZTE’s green energy products and solutions, including solar lighting systems, mobile solar power systems, solar power for telecommunications base stations and solar power for household lighting systems.

Some of the participating countries include Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Niger.

Africa is having surplus sunlight throughout the year, so it is the ideal place for developing renewable energy in an affordable manner. Despite this more than 580 million people in African countries rely on kerosene lamps for lighting.


ZTE recently developed its enterprise business and increased its investment in the field of renewable energy. ZTE is gaining popularity as a provider of energy solutions and accessory products as well as an integrated-power solution provider with global service capabilities

“ZTE’s cooperation with governments and businesses throughout Africa is providing both economic and social benefits across the region. We are helping African countries maximize the power of their local resources and use renewable energy in a number of innovative ways,” said Wang Yiwen, ZTE CTO of Government and Enterprise business in the Middle East and Africa region.

ZTE has provided services for telecommunications operators and industrial customers in more than 160 countries and regions, and has provided renewable energy of over 300 megawatt through more than 75 operators and industrial customers in 52 countries.

“The solar street lighting project constructed by ZTE is one of the best renewable energy projects that exists in Niger,” said Oumarou Dogari Moumouni, the former mayor of Niamey, the capital of Niger.

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