GE launches next generation Evolve LED Canopy Light

GE has introduced their new Evolve LED Canopy ECBA Light, offering easy installation and widened lumen levels adjustable with mounting heights.

The Evolve LED Canopy ECBA Light Fixture renovated with a sleek design is suitable for canopies like gas stations, restaurants and bus stops enabling an energy efficient lighting area.


This product comes in three types of lumen levels, 4,000, 8,000 and 13,500 with 4000K and 5000K color temperatures.

Further, the ECBA fixture from GE is provided with a lower light engine and a premium, dim light source. Once the LED is fitted within the fixture, due to the reflective optic technology, the light does not get pixelated.

It provides an optimal photometric pattern, generating a uniform light for customers under the canopy, said, Abby Mosher, product manager, GE Lighting.

In addition, the ECBA Light Fixture is apt for retrofits with the fully sealed design. Just with the help of four screws installation can be done in minutes.

Maintenance is hassle-free as the fixture is enabled with easily locatable power cavity placed below the canopy deck.

Energy is saved significantly if we go for this product and compare with metal halide canopy lighting.

Another extra feature is a lumen maintenance rating of L95 at 60,000 hours, helping to reduce maintenance costs and needs.

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