Access Fixtures launch explosion-proof LED lighting

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Lighting products manufacturer Access Fixtures has launched explosion proof LED high bay lighting for hazardous locations.

According to a statement, the lights are suitable for installation at industrial facilities such as oil rigs, solvent and cleaning areas, and water treatment plants, which run the risk of explosions.

Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild says the company’s products which meet Class I, Division 2 safety requirements are priced under $1,000.

Class 1, Division 2 locations are those that contain ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or liquids in abnormal situations.

Traditional fixtures pose the risk of sparking and contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury. They also do not last as long as LED lights.

“This explosion-proof LED high bay lighting will improve lighting levels, virtually eliminate maintenance, and significantly reduce energy consumption,” Rothschild says.

Ajith Kumar S

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