American Electric Technologies to provide solar inverters to SEMV for a solar project in Mexico

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Greentech Lead America: American Electric
Technologies, Inc. (AETI), a supplier of power delivery solutions for the
global energy industry, will supply its 1.0 MW Integrated Solar Inversion
Station (ISIS) to SEMV (Socios Energeticos de Mexico Verde) for a solar project
in Mexico. AETI will ship the system in the third quarter for installation in
fall 2012.

The 1.0 MW ISIS will enable SEMV to realize increased
farm productivity by taking full advantage of 1000 Volt PV panels through its
1200 Volt UL1741 and IEEE 1547 witness-tested architecture. AETI’s ISIS
features liquid cooling and operation without derating for up to 50 degrees C,
allows SEMV to have the flexibility to work in Mexico’s tough desert climates.

“We selected the ISIS solar inverter for our project
requirements based on its high-performance capabilities and AETI’s proven
history of deploying reliable, megawatt-class power systems in harsh desert
climates,” said George Gonzalez, executive director, SEMV.

AETI claims that its ISIS unit is the world’s first
1MW solar
inverter witness-tested to UL1741 by a nationally recognized test lab
(NRTL), TUV of North America. By integrating 1MW of liquid cooled power
inverters with a 1MVA transformer and medium voltage switchgear, SEMV can
reduce field installation costs while assuring a successful deployment.

“We are pleased to have been selected by SEMV for
their important solar project. By working with international solar project
developers like SEMV, we can enable the industry to reach its Levelized Cost of
Electricity (LCOE) objectives and help solar power reach grid parity cost
levels,” said Charles Dauber, president and CEO, AETI.  

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