Astera to exhibit new wireless LED event lighting at LDI 2014

Astera will attend the lighting show in North America, the LDI, in Las Vegas from 21-23 November, 2014.

It’s the biggest show on the calendar to showcase the event range and this year company has introduced a series wireless fixtures as well as a new app, commented, Sebastian Bückle, sales & marketing director, Astera.

AsteraApp launched by the company is a spontaneous Android app that will allow users to control and target lights, group lights, change the effects of lights, along with brightness, fade and speed which can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.


Lightdrop, which will be displayed in the show, is a smallest wireless spotlight. It is a waterproof fixture having 15W Cree LED chip and many applications like magnetic underside, diffusors, hanging hooks, bracket, wall-washing ability, and truss applications via clamps. It can be used for spotlighting, up-lighting, light-up furniture, center pieces and many more.

SpotMax is the most powerful wireless spotlight on the market. It is a waterproof fixture equipped with 135W of Philips LED chips and is specially aimed for stage and high-end event lighting.

SpotLite is a waterproof fixture equipped with 60W Cree LED chips and is seen as a cost-effective and manageable alternative solution to SpotMax.

Astera manufactures wireless LED event lighting and is based in Germany. With a complete product range, they offer a customized variety of wireless lighting solutions.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]