Cree expands CR Series LED downlights delivering greater application coverage

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Greentech Lead America: LED lighting company Cree has expanded its CR Series downlights series with two new products – Cree Full Definition CR4 and CR6 downlights, the ideal luminaire to replace outdated incandescent four- and six-inch recessed downlights.

Featuring a warm-white 2700K color temperature, dimming and better than 80 CRI, the Full Definition downlights are ideal for applications that require good light quality and low initial cost.

The new Full Definition CR downlights cost less than fluorescent alternatives and also use 20-30 percent less energy compared to the outdated CFLs they replace, the company said.

The new lighting innovation combines Cree’s latest advancements in LEDs and driver design with full-system thermal and electrical integration to virtually eliminate initial cost barriers to LED adoption. The new CR Full Definition luminaires can deliver payback against incandescent downlights in less than one year in many installations and are offered at a price-point that is up to 25 percent less than Cree’s comparable 90 CRI products, the company claims.

Cree is also expanding the existing CR Series LED downlights to include new color temperature and light quality options. The CR Series now offers 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures, in addition to the existing 2700K offer – all featuring a CRI of 90 or more.

The Cree CR4 Full Definition downlight delivers up to 575 lumens and the CR6 Full Definition downlight delivers up to 625 lumens. Both models feature 2700k color temperature and are dimmable to five percent with most standard incandescent dimmers.

The Full Definition downlights are qualified for both residential and commercial ENERGY STAR standards. This higher standard of performance opens up opportunities for more incentives and rebates available from utilities and other entities. This will further lower their price and eliminate barriers to mass LED adoption.

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