Cree LED lighting helps University of North Carolina save energy

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Greentech Lead America: The University of North Carolina (UNC) General Administration has selected Cree LED lighting as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce energy usage by at least $25 million over seven years.

An alliance of 13 UNC campuses and several affiliated organizations, spanning 27 million square feet, will leverage Cree LED luminaires, including the revolutionary CR24 architectural LED troffers, to deliver fast payback, energy efficiency and superior light quality.

The LED lighting helps system institutions operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

“This University-wide lighting project will help advance our energy reduction goals, lower maintenance expenses and improve ROI,” said Miriam Tripp, special projects officer at UNC General Administration.

“Reducing energy consumption is the right thing to do for our environment, our students and the taxpayers who support us,” Tripp added. “Ultimately, the related cost savings enable UNC institutions to focus on our core mission of great teaching and research.”

Designed to last up to 100,000 hours, Cree CR24 troffers feature dimming capabilities for easy lighting control integration. CR24 LED troffers are powered by Cree TrueWhite Technology, delivering beautiful white light with superior color accuracy and consistency.

The UNC lighting installation shows how the university systems can leverage LED lighting to reduce operating expenses and create well-illuminated spaces from classrooms to dormitories and beyond.

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