Cree LED to illuminate Walmart neighborhood market

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Greentech Lead America:Cree, a provider of LED lighting solutions, has been selected to illuminate the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Mt. Pleasant, Wisc.Cree interior lighting products, including more than 400 CS18 LED linear luminaires, will fully illuminate the Neighborhood Market – from the sales floor and pharmacy to restrooms, vestibules and backroom areas. Cree LED lighting will also be installed in the parking lot and exterior areas of the store.

Walmart estimates that the CS18 luminaires, designed for low maintenance and long life, will save approximately 30 percent in energy costs compared to interior fluorescent lighting.

Cree interior and exterior lighting fixtures offer an industry-leading long service life and are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. This substantial product lifetime enables significant maintenance reductions and energy savings for the Neighborhood Market.

By deploying LED, Wallmart aims to achieve its sustainability goals: to be supplied 100 percent by renewable energy, to create zero waste and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. The retailer has been ranked fifth on the 2012 Newsweek rankings for greenest U.S. retailers.

The high-efficiency CS18 suspended LED linear luminaire uses approximately 30 percent less energy and lasts more than three times longer than standard fluorescents. The CS18 luminaire will bring an extraordinary combination of performance, aesthetics and optimal light distribution to the sales floor of the Mt. Pleasant Walmart Neighborhood Market.


“Cree LED lighting will help us advance our sustainability goals while reducing the cost of operations and also giving our customers a pleasant shopping experience,” said David Redfield, senior vice president for Walmart operations.

Christopher Ruud, Cree vice president, global LED adoption, said, “The Mt. Pleasant location will be a great showcase of the benefits of LED lighting for the full customer experience – from the parking lot to the aisles.”

Cree has been ranked the top LED player globally, according to Lux Research. The market for LEDs is projected to grow more than six-fold to nearly $100 billion, the research agency said.

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