Eltek unveils new IP-based monitoring service for DC power systems

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Eltek unveils new IP-based monitoring service for DC power systems

By Greentech Lead Team: Eltek, a technology provider in
high-efficiency power solutions for telecom and industrial applications, unveiled
MultiSite Monitor, an IP-based monitoring service for its DC power systems that
enables carriers to monitor remote power systems around the world for both
green power performance and for system health.

The MultiSite Monitor software is using Eltek DC power system controllers including its flagship Flatpack2 HE power system to
track up to 3,000 sites worldwide. The software gives managers a map overview of
the status of all of the connected systems showing alarms, warnings and
online/offline status. This software enables managers to drill down on network,
region or site details.

MultiSite Monitor provides a great way to utilize the
increasing intelligence available in all of Eltek’s controllers. This software
has the potential to dramatically reduce costs in many ways including lower
electricity costs, lowering maintenance costs, improving uptime – it truly is
the next generation of system monitoring,” said Morten
Schoyen, the company’s chief marketing officer.  

Many Flatpack2 systems are used in hybrid applications or
in off-grid installations where power from generators is combined with
alternative power sources such as solar power. The MultiSite Monitor service
allows carriers to see how much power they have used from green power sources
compared to AC power, and to determine OPEX savings and information needed to
improve performance.

MultiSite Monitor software gives carriers ability to set
goals for green power use and to track the performance against those goals. The
MultiSite Monitor system will be available for deployment in Q2 2012.

The system enables carriers to set and monitor key
performance indicators related to power sources such as use of solar or diesel
generators. Carriers can also drill down to a particular controller to view
overall system health including all of the power rectifiers and the attached

Carrier personnel use a browser to access the information
from a server in their network. The TCP/IP-based monitoring traffic is firewall
friendly, requiring no changes to carrier data security systems. That server
uses TCP/IP-JSON to communicate with the controllers and collect data.

Eltek recently ramped up its -48VDC battery distribution
fuse bay (BDFB)/battery distribution circuit breaker bay (BDCBB) with an
industry-leading 800 amps of power per bus and a total current capacity of

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