GE introduces new easy-to-install LED DownLight

The Lumination RS Series LED DownLight from GE Lighting offered in 4-inch and 6-inch varieties provides an energy-efficient lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces.

With a diversity of one-to-one replacement options for radiant, halogen and screw-in CFL dipped cans, this LED DownLight is aesthetically fair and easy to install.

The product is complete with dimming features and the ENERGY STAR certified fixtures include a kit case that gives a finished look to the ceiling covering the gaps. The dimming and control functionality are superior.


This LED DownLight delivers 700 lumens at 70 lumens per watt and provides even luminance across the face of the luminaire unlike other LED systems that display hot spots.

In addition, it provides significant energy savings with most 4- and 6-inch lower can housings and fits into the budget.

The installation is much easier than before, helping to reduce labor expenses with time savings. These simple long life warrantied LED lights are perfect choice for retrofits in homes and low ceilings of commercial building applications, said, John Koster, product manager, LED Fixture, GE Indoor.

The RS Series’ 2700K and 3000K versions offer an 80 CRI and a 35,000-hour rated lifetime.

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