GE’s Evolve LED for energy-efficient outdoor lighting

Utilities and commercial buildings can now rely on an energy-efficient security lights with the launch of GE’s Evolve LED Security Light.

The Evolve LED Security Light has a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours and is designed for outdoor work yards, commercial and roadside establishments and roadway lighting in rural areas.

They exhibit similar durability of regular security light fixtures added with dimming capability and has a robust design that withstand the harshest of elements.

With the help of high brightness LEDs at 4000K and 5000K color temperatures and reflective technology that optimize efficiency, it becomes a proper LED lighting solution for outdoor space.


The new Evolve Security Light provides nearly as much light and more lumens per watt than HID security lighting, said, Parm Girn, product manager, outdoor, GE Lighting.

Through its energy efficiency, it lowers operating costs with a higher rated lifetime. The number of times a user has to renovate is reduced, saving energy and money, added Grin.

The GE Evolve LED Security Light provides significant energy savings compared to HID security lighting, which has a lifetime that is a fraction of the hours.

The new security light, offered in two lumen levels and two optical distributions, has a lumen maintenance rating of L70 at 100,000 hours, enabling this LED lighting fixture to significantly reduce maintenance costs and needs.

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