GlacialLight intros recessed GL-TL0606 LED Troffer Light with embedded driver

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Greentech Lead India – GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech, has launched a new recessed GL-TL0606 LED Troffer Light with embedded driver.

GL-TL0606 is available with either a 30W or 50W AC-input and has a highly adjustable patented mounting solution. LED troffer light can be hung from the ceiling using a wire, mounted on the ceiling, or placed in a t-bar grid.

The width of the light fixture can also be extended from 595 x 595mm to 600 x 600mm, which ensures a secure positioning of the troffer light in most common t-bar grid standards. This environmental-friendly and power saving LED troffer light, GL-TL0606, is only 40mm deep and light-weight (3.3Kg) it can be installed on most ceilings.

As GL-TL0606 comes with an embedded LED driver, it can be easily connected with a wire to an AC connector without requiring the use of tools or any additional configuration inside the light fixture.  Three color temperature variants of GL-TL0606 are available.  The luminous efficacy of GL-TL0606 is up to 82lm/W, ca.

“I am convinced that the new GlacialLight Troffer Light series will become a mainstream office and commercial lighting solution in 2013 as the move to LED lighting continues,” said Shawn Hsieh, chairman of GlacialLight.

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